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Abomination Detestable.  Differing Hebraic terms used in the Old Testament for this one English word describe specific areas of actions considered particularly detestable to God.  Each Hebrew word used is unique, describing a specific behavior with varying degrees of abhorrence.
Addict One who surrenders his/her will over to a behavior or substance habitually and becomes psychologically dependent on that behavior or substance.
Adultery A violation of the covenant of marriage through sexual intercourse of one of the marriage partners with a third party.
Bigotry Closed minded; intolerant and opinionated.
Catamite A boy slave kept by a pederast.
Chamberlain An attendant on a sovereign or lord in his bedchamber
Conservative Traditionally accepted methods of doctrinal interpretation.
Deductive (Reasoning) A logical philosophical approach to reasoning beginning with universal truth to determine individual truth; from the general to the particulars; starting with the whole and reasoning to the part.
Effeminate Having feminine qualities of softness or weakness.  A person of over-refined mannerisms.
Emasculate To deprive a man of virile or procreative power; to castrate
Ethnocentric Regarding one's own group to be superior to others
Fornication Voluntary sexual intercourse between an unmarried woman and a man.
Fundamentalism The belief system emphasizing the literal inerrancy of the Scriptures.
Gigolo A male prostitute who caters to women.
Greek (Language) Language of the Hellenes; dominant language of the world at the time of Christ due to the influence of Greek culture after the conquests of Alexander the Great.  The Greek dialect "Koine" was the common language used in writing the New Testament.
Harlot A woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse for pay.
Hebrew (Language) The primary Semitic language used in writing the Old Testament.  It was the ancient language of the descendants of Abraham through Isaac and Jacob.  Aramaic was also used in writing the Old Testament being a Hebraic derived dialect.
Homophobic Having an irrational fear of homosexuality.
Hustler A male prostitute who caters to men
Idiom A language or expression peculiar to a particular people or region.
Idolatry The worship of a physical object as a god or an immoderate attachment or devotion to something other than God.
Immorality Acts contrary to established standards of good behavior.
Inductive (Reasoning) A logical philosophical approach to reasoning by determining universal truth beginning with individual truth; from the particulars to the general; starting with part and reasoning to the whole.
Infamous Bad reputation or disgraceful.
Intrinsic Belonging to the basic constitutional nature of something.
Invert A homosexual.  This word was coined prior to 1611, before the King James Version was published.
Isolationist One who keeps to themselves by abstaining from political entanglements
Judaizers The early Christian Church being predominantly Jewish struggled over the issue of non-Jewish converts.  At first it was thought that before becoming a Christian, one must first become a Jew, receiving circumcision.  However, Peter was shown that God had accepted the Gentiles as they were and later Paul expounded on the doctrine of salvation by grace alone.  The Jerusalem council upheld his teaching.  Some continued to insist that the Law of Moses must be observed to the letter and became known as the party of the circumcision or Judaizers.
Lecherous (Lecchouris) Given over to an inordinate indulgence of sexual activity.
Molester One who makes annoying sexual advances, sometimes having injurous effect
Orthodox The conventional point of view as established by conservative doctrinal interpretation
Pederast An older man who keeps young boys as his sexual slave.  This practice was common in the ancient world.  Practitioners were not necessarily homosexuals.
Pervert One given over to some form of extreme sexual abnormality.
Prejudice A preconceived judgment or opinion based on insufficient knowledge or partial inconclusive evidence.  An irrational attitude of hostility directed against an individual or group because of their adjudged inferior characteristics.
Promiscuous Having multiple sexual partners without any commitments between them.
Prostitute A person who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse for pay.
Rape Violent acts of a sexual nature performed by the force of an individual over another without their consent.
Sissy An effeminate man or boy often thought of as a coward.
Sodomite A male temple-cult prostitute.  (This word has no relationship to homosexuality except by those who have mistakenly interpreted Genesis 18-19 as a story of male homosexual rape.)

Sodomy Sexual intercourse between persons of the same sex; or sexual acts defined by cultural norms to be outside accepted moral practices.
Translation A rendering from one language to another using cultural and textual word meanings.
Voluptuous Full of delight and pleasure to the senses producing sexual arousal.
Vulgate Latin version of the Bible authorized by the Roman Catholic Church in 405 AD.
Whoever Anyone.
Whore A woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse for pay.
Whoremonger A man who fornicates with whores.


Ashtoreth (Asherah) Canaanite mother-goddess of fertility, consort to Baal, god of the sun, but associated in the Old Testament with idolatrous worship using asherah poles which were wooden images of the goddess.
Baal Canaanite god of the sun.
Checed Lovingkindness (Strong's #2617) Used extensively in the Old Testament expressing a physical showing of affection through caressing or love-making.
Enoshe Mankind. (Strong's #582) Refers to the human race, people, mortals in general.
Esh Man (Strong's #376) A male person.
Eshal Woman (Strong's #802) A female person.
Kawdashe Male temple-prostitute (Strong's #6945) A male devotee by prostitution to licentious idolatry.
Keydashaw Female temple-prostitute (Strong's #6948) A female devotee by prostitution to licentious idolatry.
Saris Chamberlain (Strong's #5631) A eunuch trusted to guard the private possessions of a king or lord for whom they are employed.  They are sometimes castrated to ensure the fidelity of their trust.
Toevah Detestable or abominable (Strong's #8441) Something disgusting or abhorrent to God because of some kind of idolatrous involvement.
Torah (Tora) The first five books of the Old Testament commonly known as the "pentateuch" (the five tools) often referred to as "the Law."
Yadah To know (Strong's #3045) Knowing someone by way of recognition.  Can mean anything from mere greeting to having sexual relations with someone.
Zechar Male (Strong's #2145) Refers to the male gender, either animal or human.
Zimmah Detestable or abominable (Strong's #2154) Literally meaning "a bad plan."  Often used in the books of the Law to specifically characterize detestable acts that were sexually immoral.


Arenokoitai A male prostitute who takes the passive role during the sex act.  Transliterated it means "man-passive- bed."
Arsenokoitai A male prostitute (Strong's #733) who takes the active role in the sex act.  Transliterated it means "man-active-bed."
Eunukos Chamberlain or bed-keeper (Strong's #2135) A trusted guardian in the service of a monarch incapacitated for marriage on the basis of intrinsic qualities, or by choice, or by emasculation.  They were often powerful political officials or court officers.
Heteros Different (Strong's #2087) Not the same.
Homos Same (Strong's 3676) Similar to identical.
Koine The common dialect of Greek used during the time of Jesus in the near eastern and Mediterranean lands.  It was made common throughout the known world due to the conquests of Alexander the Great.
Malakoi Soft to the touch; Weak-willed (Strong's #3120) The feel of a fine fabric.  When referring to the character of people it means moral weakness or unrestrained.  The Latin rendering mollis has the exact same meaning.  The Latin word became a slang expression at the time of Clement of Alexandria to describe certain male prostitutes who dressed themselves in finery, cropped their hair and sometimes castrated them-selves to maintain a youthful appearance and high voice.  This meaning probably best explains why this term is often translated to "effeminate" in many English versions of the Bible.
Phusikos Instinctive (Strong's #5446) Referring to that which one is naturally inclined to do instinctively or one's inherited physical appearance.
Porne Female prostitute (Strong's #4204) A woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse for pay.
Porneia Harlotry (Strong's #4202) Promiscuous sexual acts with prostitutes.
Porneuo To act the harlot (Strong's #4203) To engage in promiscuous sexual activity with a harlot.
Pornos Male prostitute (Strong's #4205) A man who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse for pay.
Sarx Carnal (Strong's #4561) Specifically referring to flesh or skin, but in spiritual terms that which is in opposition to the spiritual; natural.

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