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An Open Church Letter

Greetings to you my brothers in the name of our most precious LORD Jesus Christ.  His blessings have been poured out upon you.  We are witnesses of this and I know they will continue to be yours in abundance as you continue to give glory and honor to His name.  It was evident during our visit that your faith and love for God is the driving force behind all that you do.  As I told you, as we are obedient to the Holy Spirit's direction, His power is at your disposal.  The grand purpose of God for our lives can then be realized since we put our self aside in favor of His will.  In order to be obedient, we must tune a clear channel to the voice of the Holy Spirit so that we can understand his commands and obey them.

I have come to love you in a new way.  Before I visited I had great respect for you, but I didn't really know you.  Now after our visit, I am totally convinced of the genuineness of your love for the LORD.  His hand is with you; nothing you set your heart upon will be denied you as you continue in your walk of obedience.  The overflow of your love for the LORD is poured out on your sheep and those who visit see its evidence also. In this way God is being glorified and His name is being exalted, for "you shall know that they are My disciples by their love, one for another."

Don't be discouraged in anyway about the size of your flock.  Numbers mean nothing to the LORD.  His strength is not in numbers, but the real power of God is demonstrated by changed character.  The fruit of the Spirit: love, faithfulness and mercy characterize your people and without these things, the life of God would not show forth.  Their excitement about the things of God and their enthusiasm is clear.  The light of Jesus Christ is being spread to the surrounding areas.  You are on the right path because it is slowly infiltrating your community and many lives are being touched; more than you know.  Know of a certainty that God's plan is being established.  This is my witness.  The question on the day of judgment will not be "How many did you bring?"  But rather "Were you faithful with the light you had?"  Continue to carry the torch of God's word and the truth of His love for ALL people.  With this simple gospel message, now entrusted to us, the disciples of Jesus turned the world upside down.

In your personal life, I am greatly encouraged.  You and Garrey welcomed us into your home and church as beloved brothers.  I was able to see the humble desire of your heart.  How pleasing it is to find young men who love the LORD so much and seem to be unpolluted by the world's value system.  I know you both have struggled with some of these issues, as we all have, and there will be more struggles ahead.  God is in the process of cleaning all of us up for His great day of revelation.  I can only conclude, however, that God is very pleased with you because I know He does not judge as we do based on outward appearances, but He looks upon a man's heart.  This can only mean that you have many years ahead of you filled with the consolation of the Holy Spirit (should the LORD tarry).  Many who minister in the name of Jesus today, even though called by God, have their own selfish agenda.  They do "their own thing" and expect God to bless it, but this is inconsistent with the will of God.  They seem unconcerned about the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit and being washed by the word.  They have no plans to lead a pure and undefiled life for God.  Instead, they are determined to do their own will and selfishly could care less about His will.  They do this and then call what they have planned, God's plan.  This is not true with you.  Your heart's desire is for God's will to be done and He knows that and so do I; even though you are not "perfect" in all your ways, you are being "perfected."  This process is the will of God for you!

You are on the right track my beloved Dale.  Keep on slugging it out with the enemy whose sole desire is to see you fail.  Never give up.  Don't look at what the devil is doing, for it is nothing but distraction.  Stay on track, focused on the revelation of Jesus Christ.  As the scriptures promise, "we shall be like Him when we see Him as He is" and He is getting clearer and clearer and more in focus each day as we look toward the cross.  God is love and He has poured out Himself into our hearts.  Therefore, nothing will be able to separate us from His love since God Himself lives inside our hearts: praise his holy name.

Greet all the church for me.