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The  PURPOSE  of Bible Study

Sometimes purpose is better understood in negative terms. . . . . .

·        As a teacher, it is NOT my job to tell you what the Bible means.  I am a “facilitator” whose job, like a gardener, is to stimulate growth through exposure to the light of provocative ideas, the feeding of certain academic rules of order and word definitions to enhance better communication, and the watering of encouragement.

·        From the standpoint of teaching, the way the Bible “speaks” to me is NOT necessarily as important as the way it “speaks” to you.  In reality, the Bible does NOT speak, but the Holy Spirit does, so we must all learn to be attentive to discern the message coming from the Holy Spirit, not each other.  The facilitator or another person may be instrumental in unearthing the truth, but truth is always discovered through a revelatory experience from the Spirit.

·        The basic approach to the Bible is that through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the biblical writers recorded their experiential encounter and tested knowledge about the one true God.  To do Bible study, it is NOT necessary to believe the Bible is infallible and without error, however, it should at least be regarded as a unique, very special and a supremely important collection of histories, testimonies, narratives and doctrinal treatises about Jehovah (YHWH), the historic God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  The biblical authors claimed a special connection to the one true living God.  I believe that the true Word of God is NOT the biblical text itself, but like seed broadcasted by the Holy Spirit the Word of God goes forth through the inspired pages of the Bible (logos).  As a seedling it has all the potential to bring forth a living plant and does so when received (rhema) by fertile soils that can support its roots firmly.  God’s Word can be found in the scriptures (holy writings) as they are studied and unraveled, but only through a revelation of the Holy Spirit.

The reason for Bible study is ultimately NOT for the purpose of discovering the extent of God’s wrath and required punishment against the world for sin.  Though this fact may be pertinent, the main course is to learn how to receive His acceptance “just as I am” and His unconditional love for every human being regardless of their failures and shortcomings.  The Bible is about the redemption of humanity by the love of God, and how through His redemption we might come to emulate His divine character.  It is NOT about judgment by people in an attempt to justify acts of violence toward others.  It is NOT about condemnation, in the belief that the Bible supports hatred and bigoted attitudes with God’s approval.